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The Millenial Muscle Podcast

Instead of more fitness/health-related content, I wanted to make the podcast unique.​​ In the MILLENNIAL MOVIE MOTIVATION podcast we are discussing everything geeky and how these stories and characters motivate us​.

What It's About

Before getting into fitness and even afterwards, I always struggled with balance.​ I was either doing nothing or doing too much when it came to fitness training. I was also isolating myself which I think is all too easy in the modern world.​ I have learnt over the years that balance isn't just important... it's vital.​


So after your work/training is done you need to relax and recharge your body and mind. Community and being with like-minded people are also very important.


What also is important is to bring out your best self.​


I Want To Hear From You!

How best to do this? Well, I would say enjoy your favourite fiction that motivates you with others. My plan for this podcast is to get YOU involved!


If you want to jump on the pod sometime and discuss your favourite Movies, Shows or Video Games​ then I want to hear from you!

Video Game
Let's Discuss, not just to be physically fit and more confident but to be an all-around better human.
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