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Join a Community of Like-Minded
People and Start Your Epic Journey

If you resonate with what I'm doing then I'd love you to be a part of this movement of happy and strong geeks and gamers!

Never Letting You Fall Down

I have plenty of free content available on Youtube and Facebook.

However, if you want to join a community of like-minded, passionate and motivated people joining you on your journey, then join my Patreon.

It's only $10/£8.50 a month and ensures you are never left in the dark about what to do when it comes to health or fitness.​​

Training in Gym

Exclusive Video Workouts

Whether you go to the gym and aren't getting the results you want.


If you want to workout out from home and turn your body into a gym!


Don't worry I've got you covered either way!



Become part of a community that is just beginning.

Our community is made up of individuals who share similar interests and we encourage everyone to join our movement of happy, strong individuals. As a member of Millennial Muscle, you will receive personalised guidance, support and motivation to help you achieve your fitness goals and improve your overall health.

Kettlebell Workout

In-Depth Information

Knowing is half the battle (If not more)

The knowledge you will gain about fitness and health you will have for a lifetime.



One if the hardest parts of starting a fitness journey is staying motivated and accountable. That's why we've created a community of likeminded and positive individuals who all share the same geeky interests as you. Our community will push you forward and never drag you down. We're here to help you achieve your goals while having fun along the way!

Gym Equipment

Not Resonating With the
Fitness "Influencers"?

Join a community of like-minded positive geeks and gamers who will​

Never drag you down or discourage you

Push you forward towards your goals

Love the same awesome, geeky things as you

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