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Strong Weightlifter

Use Your Geeky Passion to
Recreate Yourself

Have you ever watched your favourite geeky show/movie OR played your favourite video game and felt PUMPED UP? Do your favourite geeky characters motivate and inspire you?​

BUT when it comes to your own health and fitness you either:

  • Can't get motivated

  • Feel overwhelmed by information

  • Feel intimidated by the gym and fitness

  • Stop and start routines (Much to your own frustration)

  • Don't know where to start

  • Feel anxious and lack the confidence to begin

THEN I'm here to help :D ​​

And fortunately, there are many ways I can!

Fitness You Can Relate To

Do you find a lot of fitness influencers confusing and unrelatable? Yeah me too! ​

They probably don't even know all 4 of the turtle's names (Losers xD)

But all jokes aside fitness doesn't have to be this intimidating and confusing subject. Will you have to push yourself? Yes. But when you are on the right path with the right info with someone who has made all the mistakes for you...​​​

The only question really is...


Outdoor Workout


Outdoor Workout



The Podcast

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The Community

Hey, I'm Liam
( a.k.a Jason Cage )

I Know How YOU Feel...

I grew up as an anxious child/teen, with no confidence and even less physical ability. I always told myself fitness wasn't for me...​

The truth is I was scared.

  • Scared to begin

  • Scared to fail

  • Scared to look silly

  • Scared to be mocked

I finally had enough and went on my own fitness journey.​

​You can find out more about my story through my videos/content.

BUT this is about YOU.

So a little on my background and how it can help YOU.

With 10 + years of fitness industry experience as a 

  • Gym Instructor 

  • Personal Trainer 

  • Fitness Professional

I know exactly what works and am dedicated to cutting the frustration and BS out of working out.

Strong and Fit

Transform Yourself With This Free Ebook

Do You Want To Build a Body Like Your FAV SUPER-HERO?​

3 Exercises for 5 body parts...THATS IT!


That's all you need to start crafting your own superhero physique.


This E-book will take the confusion and frustration out of what you should do in the gym. It Includes:


- Exercise demonstrations


- Weight training principles made SIMPLE and UNDERSTANDABLE


- Written for comic book geeks by one ;D


- Easy to read and apply right now!


- Lifetime knowledge that nobody can take away from YOU!


- Accessible anywhere on the planet (Or multiverse)


- Oh and... It's FREE :D

Let's take the anxiety and frustration out of the gym! 

Just follow the link to get your copy now.

Video Game

Choose Your Own Adventure!

On my various platforms, I give tried and tested fitness knowledge with a twist...​

It's all inspired by my favourite geeky characters/stories and media.

It's also all no BS and applicable to you RIGHT NOW.

I've gone through years of training to find out what works and what doesn't.

And the fastest most efficient ways to achieve these results.

You already have an advantage over the rest...

What are your favourite shows/movies/video games that pump you up?

If you are already thinking of a bunch or one comes to mind instantly then you have a secret advantage...​

You already have years of motivation and inspiration behind you!

And every time you watch/play your favourite franchises with your favourite characters it gets a recharge!

Now all you need to do is learn from someone who knows how to harness that motivation in the right way...*Cough* Millennial Muscle *Cough* ;D

Work With Someone Who Actually Understands You

Does fitness seem like no man's land?

Then don't worry if you find fitness​:

  • Confusing

  • Intimidating

  • Difficult 

  • Impossible

I myself was in the exact same situation a very long time ago. Unlike me though you have access to all the answers. Essentially the "Cheat Codes"  or at least the detailed strategy guide!​​

Will you have to work hard and exert yourself? Yes, anyone telling you getting in shape requires no effort is lying to you.​

HOWEVER, you will be working in the right direction from day one. Which is why the majority of people never get the results they desire.​

They waste time/effort on things that just don't get results.

At least not dramatic ones. 


Unlock Your Superpower

Comic Book

Your Future Awaits You

Check out the channel

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