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Youve no doubt heard of Weapon X and the Super Soldier Serum programs.


Well Weapon S is a combination of the best parts of both of those but there is one main difference...


We are making Super Soldiers even STRONGER! So are you ready to begin?


Oh there is one catch...


You will have to put in some work to get the best out of these trials ;D



The Weapon S program is a full body weight training routine that boasts:


  • A perfected weight training routine to build both your muscles and strength
  • Flexible days so you can workout according to your schedule
  • Exercise demonstrations so you never get anxious about how to perform an exercise
  • Video and written guides so you never feel confused 
  • Built in progression so you can keep getting results forever!
  • Endorsementsfrom famous superhero faces (Comic fans will get a kick out of this ;D)

Weapon S Gym Program

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