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Train Like BANE!

Before breaking the Bat and becoming Gotham's Reckoning, Bane had it quite rough.

In most incarnations, Bane is born into prison.

And still manages to build himself up to mental and physical perfection!

Now I'm not suggesting you need to do a stint in the pen to work on your physique.

But the truth is you don't need as much as the fitness industry is telling you that you need.

Now if you want massive muscles then you will need some form of weight training.

If you want to get

  • Leaner

  • Stronger

  • Fitter

  • Healthier

You don't need anything except what cha got!

Your body is a versatile piece of training equipment in and of itself.

In this series, I break down all the muscle groups of the body

  • Pull (Back Muscles)

  • Push (Chest + Shoulder Muscles)

  • Legs (Ummm... Leg Muscles)

And show you how to get into great shape with nothing at all except some things that will already be there.

I hope you enjoy and get something positive from the videos :D

Please comment and ask any questions either here or on the videos, it's appreciated.

Take care guys and STAY STRONG!

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