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It's all about Balance..

Guys look its a given that to get in shape you need to work hard.

Lets just get that out there nice and early.

However what a lot of fitness influencers arent telling you is that you also need to recharge.

Sometimes less is more as long as what you do is of high quality.

With that being said when it came to creating a podcast I was going to do more of what I know.

Fitness and health etc but then I remembered about balance.

About working hard but also taking the time to relax and unwind.

Stress is actually one of the biggest things that stomps recovery from workouts!

Another aspect of life that is often overlooked is being part of a community.

We are social animals and long to be with other people who we resonate with.

So my podcast took on a new form!

It became a way for me to go full geek and also get you involved.

If you want to discuss your favourite geeky media that motivates you.

Not just to do a great workout but to be a better human overall...

Then lets talk :D

Currently a one man band.

I am hoping to get people who resonate with what im doing on and discuss what geeky media motivates and inspires them.

Humble beginning's and I hope you can be a part of the journey.

Take care and stay strong!

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Millennial Muscle

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